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Tidy is looking for a business development manager to plan, implement and eventually lead our international outbound sales. 


Tidy is a website platform for fast website creation and easy website updating. We strive to one day replace WordPress as the world's most popular CMS. The first step towards that is becoming the most popular platform among website mass production agencies.

The first version of the product is done, we have our first reference customers and now it's time to start scaling. 


You're responsible for Tidy's outbound sales. That means that once a website agency starts looking for a new platform they need to know that Tidy exists and what it stands for. 

Currently, we're doing inbound marketing on various platforms but we want to step up our outbound sales. Your task is to plan it, implement it and once your team grows, lead it.

At least in the beginning, this is a very hands-on position. Envisioning the future is important, but your focus needs to be making the vision reality and producing results. Inbound marketing produces a steady flow of leads and your job is to close them, but equally important is to acquire new ones.

Your target group is mass production agencies, first in Europe but eventually globally. You're selling a SaaS product and the size of the deals vary from 2 000 - 20 000 euros in monthly revenue.

Switching their website production platform is a big decision for most of your clients, so you also need to be able to help them envision and develop their business with the help of Tidy.  

Though you will be personally responsible for outbound, you won't be alone but have the support of the entire team. We'll help you by producing new features and customisations, marketing materials, whitepapers, blog posts, data and dashboards for the sales analytics and an endless stream of new ideas.


We aim to only hire people that can teach us something, in this case how to do outbound sales successfully. Therefore, it's preferable that you've done it before. Previous experience with selling digital/SaaS products or services is a bonus. 

The company language is English so you need to be fluent in both written and verbal. Additional knowledge of popular European languages is considered a plus. 

As this is a manager position, it's crucial that you're highly self-sufficient. You don't fear responsibility, you have an inner drive to make things happen, you're constantly developing and you're a talented problem solver. You also love to close deals. 


It doesn't matter, but we'd prefer that you'd spend one day/week in our Turku office, so in practice that limits the options to Southern Finland. Though our clients are international, communication is mostly handled through email, Skype and Slack, so at least for starters, there's not much travelling involved. 


Freedom. Freedom to choose where, when and how you work and what you do. We care about results, the rest is up to you.

Challenge. Though the product is really good, it's very young and you're competing against giants like WordPress.

Great power and responsibility. In addition to being responsible for outbound sales, you also play a key role in how we develop as a company.

Thrills. The ups and downs of the daily life in an internationally growing startup. It's not always pleasant and sometimes a bit stressful but it's always fast and never boring.  

Plenty of opportunities to grow and learn. Got a new idea you want to try? Just try it. Now.

Decent compensation. A competitive base salary and with great results comes great rewards.

A fun place to work in. The entire team is highly motivated, social and extremely skilled at whatever they do. If you're the same, you'll fit right in. 


Send us whatever you want, but do it now. There's no deadline and we'll hire as soon as we find a match. You'd better mail us immediately at jobs@tidycms.com.

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Tidy's key features & benefits

1. Speed up or fully automate website production

2. Increase your sales

3. Replace current platform

Create websites fast

Spend 30 minutes/website without compromising on quality.

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Semi-automatic creation

Move content from an existing site to a new template with a few clicks

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Auto-create websites

Auto-create websites using a content source, like a CRM

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Increase agency sales

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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Import 1000s of sites

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

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