Tidy - The fastest sitebuilder/CMS launches!



Tidy exits beta and is ready for production.

Be increadibly fast

Tidy is the sitebuilder supercharging you. We want to help you make more websites in less time without compromising on quality.

You can drag & drop, use the full source code editor or combine the two.

Sites can be created both without touching the code and touching nothing but the code.

Tidy helps you build better websites

Tidy analyses the website's code and visitors and recommends improvements. The recommendations are divided into three categories:

  • Build better websites
  • Help your clients succeed
  • Sell more of your services

More about optimisation.

A quick intro to Tidy

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Tidy's key features & benefits

1. Speed up or fully automate website production

2. Increase your sales

3. Replace current platform

Create websites fast

Spend 30 minutes/website without compromising on quality.

More on fast production
Semi-automatic creation

Move content from an existing site to a new template with a few clicks

More on semi-automatic
Auto-create websites

Auto-create websites using a content source, like a CRM

More on auto-creation
Increase agency sales

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

More on increasing sales
Import 1000s of sites

Auto-creation enables a new, more efficient sales model

More on site migration

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