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TidyCMS is a fast and versatile Bootstrap CMS for designers, coders and agencies,
with an easy to use inline update UI for clients. 

Heads up if you live in Finland! We're hiring!

Tidy is currently in private beta

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Trying Tidy is free. You get all the features, you don't need a credit card and there's no time limit.

If you want to connect an custom domain to your site the price is
$ 9 / month billed annually and
$ 12 / month billed month to month.

The price includes hosting on our Amazon servers.  

For clients

Inline updating, no training needed, excellent SEO

For designers

No design limits, no coding needed, full Bootstrap compatibility

For coders

Clean code, source code access, add any third party library

For agencies

Whitelabel + automation to reduce production time to minutes

Benefits for agencies
We create a unique site in two minutes and add functionality with third party libraries.

No coding required

Drag & drop designing

Add content blocks & design elements by dragging them where they belong.

Point & click styling

Click on an element, pick a property, choose a value, enjoy instant change.

Global styles

You can also change the styles of all elements on the site with one click

Powerful templating

Use our ready made templates or bring your own Bootstrap template. 

But coding definitely allowed

Source code editor

You have complete access to everything.


LESS editor

You can edit styles with the style editor or by writing CSS or LESS yourself.

Separate content & design

Content is saved in the API database and merged with template on render.

Easily extendable

Use Tidy plugins or any third party JavaScript library you can find online.

Responsive, fast and Google friendly

Twitter Bootstrap

100 % Bootstrap compatible code, and all the Bootstrap styles are available. 

Clean code

With no extra markup, you couldn't have written the html better yourself.

Fast static HTML

Tidy produces static html pages served lightning fast to the end users. 

Google Page Speed Insights

Google awards the TidyCMS code 100/100 both on desktop and mobile.

And clients love it

Inline editing

Websites are easily updated and using Tidy requires minimal training.

Search engine optimised

In addition to PSI, Tidy also follows all Google webmaster guidelines


Hosted on our dedicated Amazon servers with an excellent track record


End result is hard-to-hack
static html.

Support & Founders

If you have questions using Tidy, the fastest channel is support@tidycms.com

Pyry Liukas

Co-founder & CTO

Contact Pyry in technical matters.

Fredrik Bjurström

Co-founder & CEO

+358 40 588 3288

Contact Fredrik for everything else

If you want to drop by, you can find us at: Tykistökatu 4 D, 20520 Turku, Finland