Uh-oh! Deadline Monster approaching fast!

Install Tidy in 5 minutes and just focus on being the awesome designer you are.

You and your customer will love Tidy, because it's pretty and extremely easy to use.

Tidy auto-updates and needs no maintenance. You have better things to do, don't you?

Tidy can be installed in 5 minutes

TidyCMS is a lightweight CMS for static websites. To install, just download it and add class="editable" to your content.

Warning! Using Tidy is so easy it's addictive.

Click me! I'm editable!

This is how your client uses Tidy. Just click what you want to edit and start typing.

You've only seen a fraction of what Tidy can do, but the rest is as easy to use.

Take a look at how Tidy works

Quick intro for designers

Quick intro for users

Freedom at last!

Ever outperformed or hacked static HTML?

Did we already mention that your clients will love it?

You won't hate it either :)


TidyCMS is free for designers, but to pay the bills we offer your clients a premium package once they start updating their site.

Free for you the designer
Everything you the designer needs to make and update a stunning website.
Premium for your clients
billed annuallybilled monthly
Additional features primarily offered directly to your clients to help them get more out of their site
SEO tools
Version history / undo
File Manager
Automatic offsite backups
Image crop and resize
More to come...
Premium users get all future premium features at no extra cost.


If you don't have a server for your site you can also use our
super secure, fast and cool Amazon cloud.

billed annuallybilled monthly
2 Gb storage
20 Gb data transfer
billed annuallybilled monthly
Unlimited storage
Unlimited data transfer


Always wanted to offer your clients your own CMS. Now's your chance.

All free and premium features
Rebrand with your own brand
Volume discounts available


TidyCMS is a Finnish startup with one product (TidyCMS!) and one goal:

"To provide a faster and more usable alternative to WordPress and similar CMSs"

We think it's overkill to install a massive system for every site,
when 90 % of all sites could do with much less.


If you want to drop by, you can find us at: Tykistökatu 4 D, 20520 Turku, Finland

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Quick installation guide

  1. Download and unzip
  2. Get a server (localhost is fine too) with PHP 5.3+, no database needed
  3. Move the unzipped tidycms folder to the root folder of your site
  4. Go to that folder (example: localhost/mysite/tidycms)
  5. Create a username when asked
  6. Define editable areas

More detailed instructions in the docs