Be incredibly fast.

Tidy is the sitebuilder supercharging you. Make more websites in less time without compromising on quality.

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Tidy UI - Develop in Tidy

Code it yourself

You can build the entire website without ever leaving the Tidy code editor.

Tidy UI - Develop in Tidy

Write your templates, add your content.


Modify our themes or start from scratch.


Modify our components or write your own.

Or don’t code a single line

You can build the entire website without ever opening the Tidy code editor.

Tidy UI - Build easily with blocks
Template or scratch

Use one of our templates as a starting point or start from scratch.

Drag & drop layout

Use the layout component library or create your own.

Point & click styles

Effortless styling both globally and locally.

Anything is possible

Can’t find what you need in Tidy’s libraries? Just add it.

No need to worry with Tidy
Modules and components

Tidy offers vast libraries of layout blocks and functional modules

Write your own

Create new components with JavaScript and Vue.js


You can also easily add any third party JS library.

Amaze your clients

You handle content and visuals, Tidy takes care of the rest.

Easy inline editing

Click - type - save.

Loads instantly

Minified, optimised, cached, load balanced.

Technical SEO built in

Full points in Google PageSpeed Insights.

Tidy whitelabeling with responsive end-user admin
No need to worry with Tidy

Be a happier you

When your project is done, it’s done. No need to worry afterwards.

No maintenance

Tidy updates automatically.


New (Tidy) code needs to pass a security audit to get published.


Duplicated, load balanced and auto-scaled on Amazon AWS.

Tidy will be available in September 2016

Get notified when we're ready. Read more in the blog

Support & Team

If you have questions using Tidy, the fastest channel is

Pyry Liukas
Pyry Liukas

Co-founder & CTO

Contact Pyry on technical matters.

Fredrik Bjurström
Fredrik Bjurström

Co-founder & CEO

Contact Fredrik for everything else

Ville Säävuori
Ville Säävuori

Full-stack developer

Alex Belinski
Alexander Belinski

Back end developer

Rane Ahonen
Rane Ahonen

Front end developer

If you want to drop by, you can find us at: Tykistökatu 4 D, 20520 Turku, Finland